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The Consortium is a not for profit organization that aims to:
• protect and safeguard the production and trade of the Marron of San Zeno P.D.O. and the use of its designation;
• promote every useful initiative to safeguard its typicality and particular characteristics;
• promote its consumption;
• facilitate its trade and export;
• require its registration or the modification of the Protected Designation of Origin according to the provisions of CEE registration n. 2081/90 and subsequent integrations.

Moreover the Consortium will:
• distinguish and guarantee the Marron of San Zeno P.D.O. produced in the territory as in art. 3 hereunder by means of the application of special trademarks and symbols, deposited according to law; acting in protection of the same designation, in Italy and abroad, in coherence with the Italian and EC legislative dispositions and with the international agreements to which Italy has adhered regarding the use of the Protected Designation of Origin typical of food products in general and in particular of fruit and vegetable products;
• promote suitable initiatives aimed at the refinement and improvement of the quality of the Marron of San Zeno P.D.O. living the consortium members the necessary guidelines and assistance of technical nature, also favouring professional training of the labour force and implementing all those initiatives aimed at improving and protecting the production, preservation, packaging and transport of the Marron of San Zeno P.D.O. for the purpose of obtaining high quality products;
• actively supervise the production and commercialization of the Marron of San Zeno P.D.O., the use of its designation and of the consortium's trademarks and symbols, also jointly with the Government Bodies, to prevent and repress misuse or irregularities, to the detriment of the interests of the Consortium and its members, also promoting legal actions;
• make its organization available to the State, Regions, Provinces or other Bodies, on behalf or by request of the same, for the execution of functions related to the goals of the Consortium;
• apply all assignments and activities eventually assigned in pursuance of EC Regulations 2081/90 and 2082/92 and subsequent integrations and amendments;
• to promote, favour, organize all initiatives aimed at enhancing the Marron of San Zeno P.D.O. and promoting its fame in Italy and internationally.

The Consortium may also activate all initiatives aimed at the improvement of the production of the Marron of San Zeno P.D.O. and the optimization of every phase, providing its collaboration if necessary to other bodies and organisms in the sector but also by providing services for the achievement of common objectives.