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The admission application must be submitted in writing and must contain the following information:

• the legal status of the enterprise, specifying whether it is a personal enterprise or a company;
• name and surname of owner/s or the latter's legal representatives.

Every application must contain in attachment the receipt of the partnership share payment and the documentation eventually requested by the Board of Directors of the Consortium in confirmation that the applicant has the requisites for admission.
If the application is submitted by a company or legal person, a copy of the Deed of Constitution and relative statue, must be attached as well as a copy of the deliberation by the administrative organ authorizing such application.

The admission application is deliberated by the Board of Directors.
In the case of an eventual negative outcome of the application, the applicant may appeal to the Panel of Arbitrators in final judgment.
If the application is rejected, the share paid will be returned and the applicant may reapply after not less than twelve months.
The legal persons are represented in the Consortium by the legal representative or by a proxy appointed by the respective statutory organs.

The admission of a new consortium member does not constitute an amendment to this deed.