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  The production specifications establish the product characteristics: the species must specifically be the "Castanea sativa Mill", the marrons must be produced and processed in Monte Baldo Veronese at between 250m and 900m asl, the number of trees per hectare must be between 30 and 120, it is forbidden to use synthetic products or any forcing practice, the maximum yield is 30 kg per tree, the harvested fruits must undergo certain care procedures (grading, selection, and the traditional methods known as the "novena" and "rissara"), the end product must be sold exclusively in sealed bags and with the label provided by the Consortium.
The label is the product's identity card and contains all the information needed to guarantee the consumer the product's quality and safety.
All production, preparation and labeling processes are controlled by CSQA certification body, that guarantees the consumer that the information contained in the labels has been verified.