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Available in two variations, "in grappa" and "in syrup" the candied Marrons were created to enjoy the best of the Marrons of San Zeno P.D.O. even when the production is over.
Made only with ingredients of the highest quality they can be eaten all year round as side dishes or as ingredients for desserts, on top of ice creams and cheeses, and much more.
The "Candied Marrons in Syrup" are the sweetest and most dense, for those with a sweet tooth: they are similar to fruit pickles but with the distinct flavor of the marrons of San Zeno.
"Candied Marrons in grappa" are very delicate and, contrary to what one may think, they only have a small amount of grappa. Suitable for those who prefer something less sweet, but which maintains the flavor of the marron intact.

marroni canditi