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  Symbolic of the purity of the Baldo woods, the squirrel is the new mascot of the Consortium for the Protection of the Marron of San Zeno P.D.O. It is a creature of the woods and particularly of the Baldensi woods that provide them with a home, food and shelter.
Its presence, as that of many other animals, is also a guarantee that these are natural
productions, free of chemicals and insecticides. It testifies that the Marron of San Zeno
P.D.O. rejects any kind of forcing. The squirrel is the mascot of the Consortium just as the
Marron of San Zeno P.D.O. is the mascot of the town by the same name, and more generally, of the Monte Baldo: a perfectly preserved territory that offers an excellent quality of life and a wise conservation of the natural environment which is seen as a great resource and attraction.

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