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  The San Zeno Chestnut, having been the first to obtain Protected Designation of Origin in 2003, will be first in Italy to be entirely certified as organic. To date, over 70% of its production has been certified. The goal of the Consortium is to reach 100% by 2018.

Organic production is the method that most respects the environment, fauna, flora, land and traditions. As for centuries on these mountains, no chemical fertilizers or treatments are used in the production of these PDO chestnuts, its land is naturally cleansed by animal grazing and harvesting and processing of the product are strictly by hand.

The San Zeno Chestnut has always been entirely naturally cultivated with traditional methods, strictly by hand and without the use of chemical treatments. The Veneto Agency for Agricultural Payments (AVEPA), the appointed authority for the Veneto Region, has recognized and granted retroactive recognition to waive the three-year period normally necessary for a transition from non-organic to organic farming (as per Article 17 of EC Regulation No. 834/2007).

The Consortium for the Protection of the PDO San Zeno Chestnut, which has chosen the Baldo Squirrel as a mascot, has made organic farming its own standard-bearer, business card and added value in relations with consumers. Organic farming is an ethical method of cultivation synonymous with sustainability, with synergy between man, nature and animals, with the limitation of excessive resource exploitation and with the minimization of pollution and energy costs. Naturally, this reduces the risks of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and pesticide use, which are directly linked to various diseases, and whose harmful effects are aggravated by the combination of several pesticides.

To choose organic produce is to make the right choice for your health and the sustainability of the environment and economy. Purchasing Organic San Zeno Chestnuts also contributes directly to the preservation of habitats and one of the richest and most delicate ecosystems in Italy.